State-of-the-art technology and extensive experience at your hand

Over the past 20 years, we have developed our own meteorological and mathematical technology helping hundreds of clients, mainly from the energy industry, to deal with weather-related variables. Our experienced team will assist you in easily integrating our forecasts into your business.


Accurate and reliable forecasting services

Based on the world's best Numerical Weather Prediction models, our in-house renewable power forecasts contribute in the optimization of your trading activities and comply with System Operators requirements. Meteologica strives to provide reliable services 24/7/365.

Web tools to increase your productivity

Manage your asset portfolio, quantify your energy trading risk, evaluate the performances and much more. Our multiple web platforms, such as xTraders, will optimize your daily activities. Thanks to the constant feedback from our valuable customers, we have developed an intuitive and user friendly environment.


Our current services,

240 GW

wind power

90 GW

solar power




renewable assets

Where we are

Providing our services in more than 65 countries all around the world


Interested in knowing more?

Contact us and discover how our forecasts can help you

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