About us

A global weather service provider

Our story

Since 1997, we have built up an extensive and solid track record providing forecasting services worldwide, currently implanted in over 65 countries. Hundreds of companies rely on our vast experience and great customer support to boost their business.


Our main objectives

We consider our clients as the very heart of our business, therefore we provide them with services that really add value to theirs.

We seek long-term relationships with our customers, focused on reliability in our services and transparency in our approach.

We keep ourselves up to date: both our industry and forecasting techniques are constantly evolving.


To achieve our goals

  • Our experts understand our clients needs and businesses, and are able to quickly react to any new request or change.
  • We deliver both top-level forecasts and a high quality service backed up by 20 years of successful involvement.
  • We keep a stimulating and fair working environment.
  • We create value through talent and constantly invest in research, design and development in order to improve our in-house models.
  • We aim to always bring new ideas and innovative services to the market, while increasing the efficiency of our in-operation forecasting systems.
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